Trading resumes at NYSE following 3.5 hour halt caused by software glitch

After a more than three and a half hour outage, trading resumed on the NYSE at about 3:10pm (EDT), leaving about 50 minutes in the trading day for investors to get their orders done and all-important end-of-day prices to be set.

Trading in first few minutes went off without a hitch.

The NYSE trading halt did not cause any mispricing of NYSE listed securities, as trading in NYSE instruments continued unabated at a variety of electronic exchanges such as the NYSE’s own ARCA and BATS, which on regular days are accounting for an ever-increasing percentage of equity trades.

The NYSE did not pick a good day for an outage. Markets were already nervous following the large drop experienced overnight in Chinese stock indices, and with the EU-Greek government showdown coming to a head and final deadline for a deal (or so it now seems) this coming weekend.

Despite resuming, equity markets traded down and as of the time of this writing the DJIA, S&P, and NASDAQ indices were each down in the 1.2%-1.6% range on the day.

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