Trading Advantage partners with eSignal to advance trading education

Trading Advantage, headquartered and located at the Chicago Board of Trade Building in the heart of downtown of Chicago, who has established itself as one of the premier education firms in online trading education is increasing that focus through a new partnership with eSignal, the award winning data and trading software company.

Trading Advantage is dedicated to providing a comprehensive investment learning approach, which includes one of the world’s largest online trading education portals, live signal rooms and personalized one-on-on mentoring. The partnership between Trading Advantage and eSignal will yield far-reaching and unique benefits to clients of both companies.

“Trading Advantage is constantly expanding our offerings aimed at providing investors and traders the most all-inclusive educational experience possible,” said Trading Advantage President and CEO Larry Levin. “We are proud to become a recommended education partner with eSignal, a premier trading technology platform.”

Trading Advantage and eSignal’s educational cooperative opens the door for a fresh wave of integration across the education and trading software space. Clients at both companies will benefit through a multitude of enhancements, including content sharing, trading tools, educational materials, webinars, special access and unique discounts all aimed at preparing traders for success in the financial markets.

“The markets are always hard to beat,” said Kyle Ford, President of eSignal. “eSignal is the home of successful traders and the place to go for more than just software. Trading Advantage is an established educator with a proven track record. Through our relationship, eSignal clients can now get access to well-known traders such as Larry Levin, Charlie Moon, Scott Bauer, Michael Shorr and others and hear about their experiences using eSignal,” he added.

Trading Advantage will offer unique opportunities for eSignal customer’s on the education front, while Trading Advantage clients will benefit from specialized access to eSignal trading and software product offerings. eSignal customers will have the opportunity to dramatically increase their educational knowledge base through access to special offers across the Trading Advantage educational universe.

Trading Advantage educates its members through a large collection of courses, live lessons and daily newsletters which provide traders with insights on current market conditions. Website visitors to TradingAdvantage will gain access to a broad overview of the online campus, information on courses that help to prepare traders for success across asset classes, including stocks, futures, options and currencies.

Trading Advantage’s site combines both education and experience with live online instruction that integrates seamlessly with preplanned lessons, quizzes and videos.

The live signal rooms allow Trading Advantage educators to identify, discuss, announce, and manage signals during live market sessions while providing students the opportunity to have in-depth discussions about the educational materials.

The online campus at Trading Advantage offers a full course catalog of stocks, futures, options, day trading, currencies, commodities and general trading education. The original coursework was developed by Trading Advantage’s instructor team of high-caliber industry professionals.

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