TradeStation to offer free trial of PredictionValley

Just announced today from Monex Group, Inc. (TYO:8698) TradeStation clients in the TradingApp Store can get a free trial of PredicationValley, an app for stock movement predictions before earnings releases. The PredictionValley Earnings app seeks to empower investors to benefit from predictable changes in stock price direction around earnings announcements.

Earnings announcements can present great trading opportunities and set the direction for a stock’s price movement in the weeks and months to follow. The PredictionValley Earnings app deploys big data, self-learning machines and sophisticated algorithms to analyze publicly traded companies and predict their fundamentals and stock price direction around earnings announcements. The app provides simple buy or sell signals to enable investors to make more informed trading decisions.

The app also provides the following information for the majority of publicly traded U.S. companies:

  • Company fundamentals and business trends
  • Stock volatility around earnings
  • Historical earnings performance

For a limited time, TradeStation users can gain free exclusive access to stock movement predictions before earnings for select stocks.

The PredictionValley Earnings app is auto-installed in your TradeStation platform. Enjoy the PredictionValley Earnings app for free until August 15, 2016. You can select the PredictionValley Earnings app through the TradingApp Launcher in the TradeStation platform or by opening the PredictionValley Earnings workspace that comes with the install.


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