Tradermade launches FXQuest historical currency rate data tool

Looking for detailed data on historical currency rates?

Well Tradermade Systems, a provider of real-time market data and proprietary analytics software to central banks, leading corporations, financial institutions and individual traders, today launched FXQuest – a cloud-based technology platform that gives clients the ability to retrieve reliable, accurate information on more than four decades of foreign exchange data.

With historical prices, spreads and technical data for more than 50 currency pairs, Tradermade claims that FXQuest is the world’s most comprehensive database of price information on the FX market.

Currency Mountain Holdings bought Tradermade earlier this year as the holding company looked to diversify into vendor capabilities beyond its traditional brokerage services.

According to David Upton, CEO of Tradermade:

FXQuest benefits both intermediaries and their customers by providing objective information from an independent and established data provider at the click of a mouse. In an increasingly regulated environment, we believe FXQuest provides an essential service that enhances transparency and trust between suppliers and consumers of forex pricing data.

Powered by Tradermade, FXQuest collects data from a number of top market makers and liquidity providers. The database is tailored to pinpoint and verify an exchange rate at a specific point in time ranging from one day to one second, including high, low, open and close rates. The FXQuest user interface is available online and can process both individual and batch queries. Tradermade also provides an application program interface (API) to enable the incorporation of the service into an existing workflow.

FXQuest is currently available to Tradermade customers on a subscription basis. More information or demos can be requested here.

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