TradEqual launches as Binary Options peer-to-peer exchange – LeapRate Exclusive

LeapRate Exclusive… LeapRate has learned that a company called Ultima Capital Limited has launched a new Binary Options peer-to-peer exchange called TradEqual. The company was founded by Iftach Drori, an entrepreneur with experience in online marketing and with online trading companies.

Iftach Drori, TradEqual

Iftach Drori, TradEqual

TradEqual has set itself the very lofty goal of aiming to disrupt the binary options market with a low cost peer-to-peer global binary options trading exchange. TradEqual makes it possible for traders to not only buy options – as they are used to doing with existing binary options brokers – but also write (sell) their own profitable binary options to other traders in a global, open, fair and equal exchange platform.

The platform also allows the opportunity to join a social trading community of binary options traders, who can exchange and share ideas and trends with their peers. TradEqual’s platform enables clients to write (sell) binary options and get a positive expected value of return (above 100%) while buyers can get higher returns than any other broker as a result of eliminating the presence of “the house”.

TradEqual’s business model?

TradEqual acts as the middle-man on its trading platform. When traders make a profit, a small percentage is paid out as a fee to TradEqual. This feature eliminates any conflicts of interest TradEqual might have with its clients.

TradEqual lists its benefits as:

  • No Brokers! TradEqual connects traders to buy as well as write (sell) their own binary options in real-time within a real life marketplace.
  • Intuitive and user friendly trading platform for beginners and experts alike.
  • Provides the best payouts in the market and significantly higher profitability for traders.
  • No conflict of interest between the traders and the broker as prices are determined only by the traders themselves.
  • Dynamic and social trading community, where traders can share views, market trends, tips and recommendations – all within the platform’s online chat rooms.

TradEqual’s platform based on innovative algorithm that collects orders (offers) at a predefined time (within milliseconds), and performs real-time sorting and matching of peer-to-peer transactions in large volumes. TradEqual’s sellers create and offer options with different payouts while TradEqual’s buyers are required only to decide the amount they wish to invest in the option – all within a single click! TradEqual’s transparent “OrderBook” displays the best possible payout and ensures that traders will receive the most optimized and profitable trading environment. is owned and operated by Ultima Capital Limited, a financial services company incorporated and registered by the Registrar of International Business Companies registered by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Central America under the number 22965 IBC 2015.

For more on TradEqual see the following video:

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