TradeQQ expanding from China to capture the news and data for traders market – LeapRate Interview

Breaking into an established market segment in any industry is not easy.

But TradeQQ seems to have done just that, in six years becoming one of the leading financial information providers in China – and now looking to replicate that success abroad with the English language version of TradeQQ’s downloadable terminal now available.

TradeQQ is an online information and real-time news provider to foreign exchange and commodity traders worldwide. TradeQQ instantly delivers real-time economic data and releases, as well as key news from governments and central banks, macro-economic analysis and market research covering the Forex and commodity markets. TradeQQ claims that it has become the fastest-growing financial data and information platform with more than 2 million traders around the world using its services.

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We are pleased to speak today with William Chen, CEO of TradeQQ.

1) Hi William. Please let us know a little more about TradeQQ. How did the company get started?

TradeQQ was founded six years ago in Shanghai. Since then we have enjoyed rapid growth and we now have more than 2 million users. Through our innovative user-friendly interface we quickly became the leading provider of instant financial news in China and now in Asia too. TradeQQ employs over 50 people and now has taken on a new dimension. By hiring an international team to develop the terminal in English among other languages, the company seeks to emulate the terrific success it has enjoyed in China all over the world. TradeQQ strategy since its founding has been to provide a free terminal, fast and easy to use, which is what makes us stand out amongst our competition. This is an integral part of the success, culture and conduct of the company and these 3 attributes will remain its main competitive advantage.

2) What exactly do you offer, and to whom?

TradeQQ offers real-time financial and economical data and market analysis specifically to Forex and commodity traders. Our interface was designed with a modern user in mind, therefore it is fully customizable to match the specific trading needs of our user base, whilst at the same time being easy to operate. The new version to be released offers unprecedented level of news feed and settings customization so that every customer can make TradeQQ truly their own. Besides the terminal itself we also have a news feed webpage which has some of the most competitive traffic statistics in the industry. TradeQQ interface is smart, easy and convenient to use for beginner and professional trader alike, delivered instantly straight to your laptop and very soon mobile too.

3) What makes TradeQQ different from other news and information services out there?

As with everything we do, our terminal prioritizes user experience, convenience, speed and accuracy of the delivered information. We offer an unrivaled experience of financial news delivery, demonstrated by our rapid user base growth. Apart from our real-time data and analysis, TradeQQ has been developed to work seamlessly alongside other trading software and platforms. Our innovative split view function contracts the news feed into a smaller, easy to manage side bar that gives priority to other trading tools. But when important data is being released, there is still the option to expand the terminal to concentrate on the breaking news and economic signals. We also have an embedding functionality where our news feed, or economic calendar can be embedded on to a trading platform. This allows you to get our instant financial news feed, or economic calendar and is free for anyone in the world to use. It is our ability to create trading synergies such as these that helps us stand out from our competitors.

4) What changes do you see among Forex traders, and the type of information they are seeking?

The modern person is accustomed to technology making life easier, by catering for our every need and desire. Forex traders are no different, and we have seen they want to be fully in control of where they access the news, the content they receive and the manner in which it is delivered. Our terminal is designed so that traders no longer need to see every piece of information out there but only the data that matters to them and their trading strategy.

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