Tradency integrates Mirror Trader into ActTrader platform

The past twelve months have proven to be a period of advancement for innovative FX technology company Tradency.

Beginning in the summer of last year, the firm has made tremendous inroads into new methods of conducting business, including partnerships with institutional liquidity providers as exemplified by its strategic alliance with CFH Clearing in order to provide the Mirror Trader platform to brokerages via the liquity provider, and most recently, its own evolution into a stand-alone platform provider which is fully independent of any external platform, effectively signalling the beginning of an era in which brokerages can take an entire technology solution from Tradency.

Today, the company continues the expansion of its reach by announcing that ActForex has completed an integration of Tradency’s technology in order to offer its clients an integrated Mirror Trader tab within the ActTrader platform, thus making registering for, and using of, a Mirror Trader account easy and convenient.

The new functionality includes an integrated front end, seamless account creation and login. Mirror Trader is now available via a tab in ActTrader that allows users to trade and monitor their accounts from within either front end. Any trades placed through Mirror Trader are immediately reflected in ActTrader. In addition, ActTrader users can sign up for a Mirror Trader account directly within the ActTrader platform. The Mirror Trader account is created with a single click without having to re-enter any information that the trader had already submitted during registration for the ActTrader account. The trader is automatically logged into Mirror Trader when logging into ActTrader, eliminating the need to re-enter the login and password.

Mirror Trader has been popular with ActTrader users for several years. Ilya Sorokin, CEO of ActForex: “We are committed to providing the best trading tools to our clients and their traders, this functionality provides a lot of real-world value since traders benefit by having the market’s best integrated features and trading technology available, while brokers enjoy the obvious benefit of having improved account trading activity”.

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