Trade the events! Invast launches thematic investment platform, PortfolioSelect

The Australian division of Japanese electronic trading giant Invast Securities has launched a thematic investing platform called PortfolioSelect, at a time which coincides with the announcement this evening of Australia’s Federal Budget for the 2015-2016 financial year.

The company has spent the past few months putting together several investment themes around the world including “Chinese Infrastructure Giants”, “Solar Power”, “Ageing Population Australia” and “Australian Iconic Brands”. Each of these themes is a CFD referenced to a basket underlying companies across various global exchanges, which means you don’t have to pick the individual stock or DMA CFD, just the broader investment theme which you believe in.

Australian traders and investors will likely be watching the Australian Federal Budget this evening, a major economic event, and interaction between traders and brokerages with regard to specific region-specific and thematic events is becoming critical. Invast Securities believes that everybody wants to get the inside word, the impact on their investments and the ability to pick winners and losers.

Many mainstream financial journalists will cover the budget throughout the night, reporting and Tweeting their findings. Brokers, fund managers and individual investors will be looking for any opportunity to trade around the news which they can find. This, according to Invast, is a perfect example of thematic investing, taking a view on large picture events like the Australian government’s spending priorities and trying to find individual investments which fit this opportunity.

Interacting with traders via media, video and directly to their trading platforms is of paramount importance in today’s FX industry, a matter that is now being expanded by many firms.

Invast Securities is confident that its thematic investing platform is where the rest of the industry will move over the next decade. Invast will begin sending short notes on various themes from today, broadly touching on each theme and why the company thinks that it is important in overall context of global investments in a couple of paragraphs.

For full terms and conditions on the thematic investment platform from Invast, click here.

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