TradAir launches new market leading HTML 5 front end

TradAir, the leading provider of front office visualization and optimization solutions, announces the release of the new TradAir Dynamic HTML5 front end and patented TradAir TouchPad offerings, providing customers with extensive personalization options not previously available in this market.

TradAir has been at the forefront of HTML5 development, and now extends these capabilities to clients, allowing them to directly personalize the interface.  The new release also allows for the incorporation of proprietary and third party applications and algorithms, while leveraging TradAir’s highly sophisticated visualization and 3D analytics. Using TradAir web style sheet templates, clients can deliver their applications, data and their brand to their customers via state of the art technology. This enables them to easily personalize the product far beyond logo and coloring to promote their unique style and character. The personalization benefits can be extended to other products and services and other asset classes. By using the Dynamic HTML front end, clients can also capture and analyze their trading data.

“TradAir’s solution represents the next generation of white labeling. Our solution provides the cost, technical and time-to-market benefits of an outsourced model, while incorporating specific internal personalization benefits, so that our clients can deliver truly unique and technologically advanced solutions to their own clients,” says Illit Geller, TradAir’s CEO.

tradeairlogoUsing HTML 5 reduces the operational investment and headache required to maintain and support complex trading technology, and delivers substantial savings in terms of investment and support. The ease of installation and upgrade coupled with access across device and screen size significantly improves the overall client experience.

TradAir has combined these visualization tools with TradAir TouchPad , TradAir’s patented “touch and trade” technology, replacing and enhancing the traditional trading keypad. TradAir TouchPad works on its own or in conjunction with a full monitor, streamlining workflow and order entry.

Ayal Jedeikin, TradAir’s COO and Head of Product adds: “Our integrated TouchPad improves upon keypad, keyboard and mouse based trading, allowing our clients to not only take advantage of great visualization but advancements in hardware.  Our patented implementation and design, ensure this is done securely and efficiently. ”

The TradAir solution is modular, and seamlessly integrates with existing components, providing the highest level of customization, flexibility and time to market.

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