Top global brokerage FXCM adds USD/CNH instrument at last

Leading FX Brokerage FXCM officially added liquidity to the offshore renminbi. Here is info on FXCM’s offering.

Target Spread 26-27 pips
Margin Requirement $50 per lot
Minimum Lot Size CN¥1,000 (1k)
Pip Cost $0.016 per lot
Average Daily Range 100 pips in 2014

Hedging Capability: You can go long or short yuan in the same account and hedge your positions. Hedging is not available to FXCM LLC clients or US residents.


Above is the USD/CNH panel on the Trading Station platform, we are unable to confirm whether or not USD/CNH is available on all of FXCM’s platforms yet.

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