Tokyo Commodity Exchange international originated trades hits all-time high ratio in June

The Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) announced today that the June 2016 monthly volume of customer trades (combined sell & buy sides) originating overseas was 2,642,493 contracts, accounting for 52.1 percent of the total trades of 5,073,440 contracts. This is an all-time high ratio of international customer trades at TOCOM continuing for the two consecutive months.  At TOCOM, the highest volume of international customer trades (combined sell & buy sides) is 2,677,075 contracts recorded in February 2016.

One possibility for the continued uptick could be stemming from an order back in January of 2015 when the CFTC allowed for direct access for US traders to the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM).

Earlier this month, it was announced TOCOM will beef up its commodities offering further by launching a physical gold market.

TOCOM Trades Originating Overseas (January 2011-June 2016)


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