TOCOM and Nikkei add new leveraged and inverse indices


The Tokyo Commodity Exchange Inc. and Nikkei Inc. will add 10 new leveraged and inverse indices based on the Soybean, Corn and the others. They will be published from September 20, 2016.

New indices:

Nikkei-TOCOM Leveraged IndexNikkei-TOCOM Inverse Index
Nikkei-TOCOM Leveraged Industrial Commodity IndexNikkei-TOCOM Inverse Industrial Commodity Index
Nikkei-TOCOM Leveraged Agricultural Product & Sugar IndexNikkei-TOCOM Inverse Agricultural Product & Sugar Index
Nikkei-TOCOM Leveraged Soybean IndexNikkei-TOCOM Inverse Soybean Index
Nikkei-TOCOM Leveraged Azuki IndexNikkei-TOCOM Inverse Azuki Index
Nikkei-TOCOM Leveraged Corn IndexNikkei-TOCOM Inverse Corn Index

The newly calculated indices have a common base value set at 10,000.00 points as of November 29, 2013 and will be calculated and published once a day from September 20, 2016 based on the daily settlement price.

Nikkei-TOCOM Leveraged Index represents the doubled performance of the underlying indices, and the Nikkei-TOCOM Inverse Index represents the inverse performance of the underlying indices.

For instance, if the Nikkei-TOCOM Commodity Index rises by 10% on a day, the Nikkei-TOCOM Leveraged Commodity Index rises by 20% and the Nikkei-TOCOM Inverse Commodity Index falls by 10% on that day, or vice versa in the opposite case.

Refer to the Index Guidebook for details.

Here’s an example of Leveraged & Inverse Index:


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TOCOM and Nikkei add new leveraged and inverse indices


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