Thomson Reuters white label enhancements include integration of FXall liquidity into desktop access platform

Institutional intelligent information provider Thomson Reuters has today announced a number of key enhancements to its bank-to-customer e-commerce platform, Electronic Trading, to enrich liquidity, reduce latency and improve customer experience.

The new enhancements see liquidity from Thomson Reuters multi-bank platform FXall integrated into Electronic Trading for the first time. By including all Thomson Reuters relationship and anonymous liquidity for both pricing and risk management, Electronic Trading now helps banks offer more competitive prices to their customers while optimizing the risk management of their transactions. While full automation is possible, banks retain complete control over both pricing and hedging, enabling them to smoothly integrate their e-commerce activities with their other trading desks.

Thomson Reuters has also made key improvements to the performance of Electronic Trading’s core pricing engine that reduce latency on the platform. Extra auto execution and smart order routing methods have been added to the platform, improving both pricing accuracy and enabling trade execution with minimal market impact.

In addition, Thomson Reuters has significantly redesigned the user interface to enhance customer experience and support increased brand flexibility. Sophisticated business intelligence tools have been added to help banks intuitively analyse and understand customer behavior, trends and profitability using innovative visualizations of transaction data.

“Against a backdrop of market scrutiny, the need for increasing transparency and trade reporting will only see an increased adoption of electronic FX trading around the world,” said Neill Penney, head of workflow management at Thomson Reuters. “Our bank customers need flexible trading platforms to continue to forge direct connections with their customers electronically. They need tools that provide control over electronic pricing, distribution and hedging to meet the growing demands of their client base and improve internal efficiency through automation. This is why we are committed to continuous innovation on our Electronic Trading platform.”

Part of Thomson Reuters premium desktop trading service, Electronic Trading offers a suite of e-commerce products that enable banks to shape, configure and automate FX prices to customers while streamlining risk management. Over 100 banks across 56 countries already use Thomson Reuters Electronic Trading to connect directly with their clients globally.

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