Thomson Reuters Wealth Management offers investment research solutions through agreement with New Constructs

Thomson Reuters has signed an agreement with independent research firm New Constructs to offer innovative investment research to Thomson ONE North American Wealth Management clients.

New Constructs offers forensic-accounting reports to help investors, traders, and advisors make informed decisions. The company leverages proprietary technology to analyze SEC filings, especially footnotes, to create unique investment insights. It also offers a suite of portfolio-management tools to build and manage stock market assets. The company’s research coverage base includes reports and ratings for more than 3,000 company stocks, 7,000 mutual funds, and 400 ETFs.

The partnership with New Constructs provides a consistent data-driven approach to research through ThomsonONE open desktop, as well as simplifies clients’ investment management processes.

New Constructs services include:

  • Forensic accounting, investment ratings, and alerts for more than 3,000 stocks, 7,000 mutual funds and 400 ETFs
  • Alerts on all holdings in registered portfolios
  • Screening across more than 10,000 stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds
  • Model portfolios for the “Most Attractive Stocks” and “Most Dangerous Stocks”
  • Model portfolios for the “Best and Worst ETFs and Mutual Funds” by sector and style
  • Free research and education opportunities via podcasts and webinars

New Constructs chief executive David Trainer commented:

We’re very pleased to help Thomson Reuters clients by shining a light in the dark corners of financial statements and providing value-added, independent research that will help bolster firms’ investment strategies and risk management.”

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