Thomson Reuters September spot FX volumes are 2014’s best at $144B ADV – up 34.6% MoM

Thomson Reuters reported FX volumes today for September, with spot FX ADV volumes coming in at $144 billion, up from August’s $107 billion, for a 34.6% jump MoM. September 2013’s spot FX ADV stood at $119 billion – a 21% rise YoY.

Other volumes which includes the Thomson Reuters SEF platform and forwards, swaps, options and non-deliverable forwards came in at $273 billion, up 10.1% from August’s $248 billion. September 2013’s other volumes came in at $195 billion, a 40% increase YoY. Again, the big yearly increase comes mostly on the back of growing popularity of mandated SEF usage. The monthly increases are due to the growing post summer volatility across the markets, increasing FX risk.

Overall combined volume was $418 billion for September, up from the August’s total of $355 billion, a 17.7% increase MoM, and up 33.1% from September 2013’s $314 billion.


Each month Thomson Reuters publishes combined average daily volumes for its FX electronic trading platforms Matching, FXall and the Thomson Reuters SEF. The volumes figures cover all spot, forwards, swaps, options and non-deliverable forwards traded on those platforms.

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