Thomson Reuters and Imperial College London partner to advance FinTech and RegTech through joint research

Thomson Reuters and Imperial College London are working together to bring data science expertise from both corporate and academic worlds to bear on the global big data challenges impacting financial and legal professionals. The joint venture aims to drive faster innovation in FinTech and RegTech industries through collaborative research projects.

Working with researchers from the Data Science Institute at Imperial, Thomson Reuters will contribute financial market data and legal expertise, as well as data management and machine-learning expertise, to Imperial’s data visualization studio, and will work with academics from the College to solve real industry problems through world-leading research. This partnership will create a global ecosystem whereby academics, financial markets institutions, and technology firms can collaborate to tackle FinTech issues such as supply chain risk, financial risk management, real-time data analysis and RegTech issues such as the impact of regulation.

Imperial is consistently ranked in the global top ten universities and is known for its excellence in data-driven research. In 2014, the College created the Data Science Institute to bring together expertise from across all of its faculties. Thomson Reuters was among the first to collaborate with the institute, and this formal partnership marks the next step in the two entities working together to create technology solutions supported by rigorous academic research, lean experimentation and proof-of-concept applications.

Mark Rodrigues, Thomson Reuters

Mark Rodrigues, Thomson Reuters

Mark Rodrigues, global managing director, strategic customers and solutions group, Thomson Reuters, shared:

Connecting Thomson Reuters best-in-class financial markets content and deep industry expertise with a world-renowned university like Imperial means we have a unique opportunity for innovation with our customers. This exciting collaboration is part of our growing global strategy to drive faster innovation in Fintech and Regtech that helps our customers respond to change and opportunity across the financial and legal services industries.”

Professor Yi-ke Guo, director of the Data Science Institute at Imperial, added:

Our world is experiencing a data revolution, and Imperial is at the helm. Our Data Science Institute is harnessing the wealth of data generated by our society to search for solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing our world today. We know that we can achieve more if we work collaboratively, that’s why we boast a vibrant community of partners from across the globe. This latest partnership with Thomson Reuters will present new opportunities to unlock hidden insights, drive forward innovation, and create value by harnessing data. We look forward to working with them in this important area.”

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