Thomson Reuters integrates FXall QuickTrade into Eikon

Thomson Reuters Corp (NYSE:TRI) announced today that it is making foreign exchange trading available to corporate treasurers via the integration of FXall QuickTrade into Thomson Reuters Eikon.

The integration of FXall QuickTrade, Thomson Reuters’ request for stream service, in Eikon, will provide corporate treasury customers trading smaller FX volumes with a comprehensive solution that combines news, data and market analysis with direct access to 140 FXall liquidity providers.

The new offering enables corporate treasurers to simplify their desktop technology and streamline their trading workflow. They can now access fast, automated prices on spot, forwards, and swaps from FXall’s market makers straight from the Eikon desktop, while also making use of FXall’s straight-through processing, as well as post-trade reporting and analysis.

1396258993118Trades executed in Eikon can automatically flow through to FXall Settlement Center, allowing treasurers to streamline the confirmation process with their liquidity providers.

Thomson Reuters Eikon combines Reuters economic news, expert commentary from FX Buzz, global market data including FX market pricing from over 2,000 contributing sources in 175 currencies with advanced visualization and search tools for finding and analyzing information. With the integration of FXall QuickTrade, corporate treasurers can also now access 140 FXall liquidity providers and trade on their prices from within the same screen.

“Many corporate treasurers have light FX trading needs but still need access to liquidity on a regular basis. We recognize how much easier it is for these customers to be able to access everything they need from within one application,” said Neill Penney, head of foreign exchange workflow at Thomson Reuters.

“The integration of FXall QuickTrade functionality into Eikon is a milestone in Thomson Reuters strategy to bring together all of its FX assets onto one platform. By combining the intelligence and analytics of Thomson Reuters Eikon with the market liquidity of FXall QuickTrade, we are simplifying how our customers can engage with the FX market.”

To view the official announcement by Thomson Reuters, click here.

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