Thomson Reuters’ FXall volumes drop further 7% MoM in May 2015

Thomson Reuters Corporation (TSE:TRI) has earlier today published the operating metrics for its Forex electronic trading platforms Matching, FXall and the Thomson Reuters SEF for May 2015. Last month was obviously a slow one for FX trading at Thomson Reuters, as trading volumes kept falling even after a disappointing April 2015.  Volumes at FXall, the spot FX platform, barely managed to beat levels seen in December 2014, whereas volumes at other platforms were even lower than in May 2014.

But let’s check out the particular numbers.

  • Average daily FX spot volumes in May 2015 totaled $110 billion, down 6.8% from April 2015 and up 6.8% from May 2014 levels.
  • Other trading volumes (forwards, swaps, options, etc) averaged $243 billion in May 2015, which is 3.6% lower than in April 2015 and 1.6% lower than in May 2014.
  • Average daily FX volumes for all platforms were $353 billion in May 2015, down 4.3% from April 2015 and up marginal 0.6% from May 2014.


To view detailed Thomson Reuters’ Forex metrics, click here.

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