Thomson Reuters FXall spot FX volumes down 12% in December to $106B ADV

Thomson Reuters experienced a contraction in average daily spot volume during December 2014, dropping down from $120 billion in November to $106 billion on average per day in December.

This signifies a return to the lower volumes experienced during the summer months, which were a period of stagnation for many FX firms, exchanges and institutional ECNs globally.

The fierce competition between Thomson Reuters FXall and its counterpart, ICAP’s EBS electronic brokerage division, is continuing, with both firms performing very similarly in terms of average daily order flow.

In December, average daily volumes at EBS were $105.4 billion, an almost identical figure to that of Thomson Reuters FXall, a dynamic which is ever present on a monthly basis, with EBS’ percentage decline during December having been 15%, compared to Thomson Reuters’ very similar 12% decrement.

As far as the high points during September and October are concerned. these were not sustained into the final two months of 2014.

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