Thomson Reuters extends Elektron Direct Feed to Options Price Reporting Authority

Thomson Reuters Corp (NYSE:TRI), a provider of financial information and technology services, today announced a new important achievement of its Elektron Direct Feed service. Its scope is enlarged further as the service is expanded to include the Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA).

This move provides customers with high-performance access to real-time options data with a low hardware footprint.

The announcement comes at a moment when financial services firms are beefing up their investment in low-latency feeds as speed is becoming a crucial component of market data infrastructure. However, feeds from OPRA in particular can present server capacity – and, hence, investment – challenges due to the amount of data they carry.opra

Elektron Direct Feed, which was launched by Thomson Reuters in August 2014, addresses these challenges. As a hardware/software hybrid based on FPGA technology, it can run multiple feeds on a single server whilst providing a reliable, deterministic and configurable feed. Elektron Direct Feed delivers the content its users require whilst also accommodating current and future update rates, all the while minimising costly server footprint expansion.

Mike Powell, managing director for enterprise capabilities, Financial & Risk, at Thomson Reuters, commented:

“This extension of our direct feed service to cover key US options data is part of our ongoing process to provide customers with the data they need in the latency profile and delivery mechanism that suits them. As market participants continue to keep a tight focus on cost whilst seeking the flexibility to go after new opportunities, we will maintain our own focus on finding new solutions to our clients’ market data challenges.”

To view the official announcement by Thomson Reuters, click here.

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