Thomson Reuters Elite unveils new version of 3E

Thomson Reuters Elite has revealed its latest version of 3E to customers at its annual VANTAGE users conference in London. 3E 2.8 includes standardized workflows new to the software suite, along with more than 175 enhancements to further improve the enterprise management solution’s functionality, performance and usability.

Eric Ruud

Eric Ruud

According to Eric Ruud, managing director of Thomson Reuters Elite, the new version of 3E will change the way organizations use enterprise technology to drive their business. He added:

While this version of 3E is as customizable as those previous, the strategy driving 2.8 development included the addition of standard workflows, which specifically target implementation time and lower the cost of ownership. Built upon best practices, the new standard workflows offer configuration options instead of requiring customizations.”

New embedded workflows include trust disbursement request, voucher payment approval, write-off approval, office account payment request, and proforma-to-billing. There also are a large number of standard templates, reports and presentations that reduce implementation duration for new customers and lower the cost of ownership for existing ones.

The latest version of 3E also has significant improvements to existing functionality to deliver entirely new capabilities. New features such as entity merge and a second set of phase, task and activity codes allow users to work more efficiently, and give firms the capability to track more explicit information related to their processes, and produce leaner and more effective data.

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