Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger numbers surge as Yahoo retires legacy messaging platform

Thomson Reuters has seen a significant increase in new Eikon Messenger account registrations after the announcement that Yahoo will discontinue support for its legacy messaging and API service on August 5, 2016. Global energy company Gazprom Marketing and Trading Limited and Dong Energy, Denmark’s largest energy company, are the latest firms to publicly endorse Eikon Messenger following similar endorsements from Europe’s top energy brokers and international energy companies.

Shaun Stacey, global director of trading at GM&T, said:

Eikon messenger delivers all the compliance and messaging functionalities needed to stay well connected to the energy trading markets.”

The number of Eikon Messenger users connecting with counterparts on Yahoo Messenger has grown by 115% over the last quarter as many commodity and energy market participants encourage their counterparts to join them on Eikon Messenger ahead of the Yahoo deadline. A survey from petrochemical market information provider ICIS recently showed that Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger has emerged as the messaging platform of choice for professionals migrating from Yahoo Messenger’s legacy messaging service.

Joe Mann, head of market trading at Dong Energy, said:

Eikon Messenger provides Dong Energy’s trading floor with a platform to communicate effectively with other market participants and satisfy our compliance obligations. In addition the ability to easily find other contacts is very helpful.”

Since the start of the year the number of users migrating to Eikon Messenger from Yahoo Messenger has resulted in 7% growth in the Eikon Messenger Directory which now provides access to more than 288,000 users across 25,000 organizations in 180 countries.

Lesli Fairchild, Thomson Reuters

Lesli Fairchild, Thomson Reuters

Lesli Fairchild, head of collaboration services, Thomson Reuters, commented:

The growth in our Eikon Messenger community demonstrates the continuing need for financial professionals to have access to an instant messaging platform that meets rigorous compliance needs, can connect with users on other messaging platforms, is cost-effective and improves workflow. We are committed to collaborating with network providers across the marketplace to provide our clients with innovative solutions that remove the barriers to communication in financial markets caused by closed networks. Thomson Reuters also remains committed to helping energy and other firms in the process of transitioning from Yahoo’s messaging platform.”

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