The dawn of the enterprise Bitcoin solution! BitcoinATM360 strikes agreement with Coinsetter as tech revolution continues

The virtual currency technology revolution is most certainly in full swing this year, this time with BitcoinATM360, which provides global sales, service and financing to the Bitcoin ATM industry, and US Bitcoin exchange Coinsetter having today announced an integrated partnership providing Bitcoin ATM operators preferred access to Coinsetter’s exchange at time of purchase through the website.

“This partnership will be known as a significant advance in the Bitcoin ATM space. For the first time, an operator will be able to order a machine with backend exchange access, integration, and processing already set up before delivery. The ‘concierge level’ integration between BitcoinATM360 and Coinsetter, the most reliable bitcoin exchange for ATM operators that we’ve found, will speed up and improve the deployment of machines ordered from,” said Terry Woltman, CEO of BitcoinATM360.

Recently, BitcoinATM360 announced its partnership to offer branded vinyl wrapping and graphics design for Bitcoin ATMs with Woltman continued, “Bitcoin360ATM strives to fulfill all the needs of an operator from one platform. An operator can simply purchase through us, and our team will quickly assist them in almost every aspect of their new business. For the operator, this is like having their own personal launch team.”

The partnership with Coinsetter as BitcoinATM360’s preferred exchange adds value to Bitcoin ATM operators through reliable technology, deep order book liquidity, and low trade fees. Concurrent with the partnership, Coinsetter announced that it will pay for Bitcoin ATM operators’ first $500 of trading fees on the exchange.

Jaron Lukasiewicz, CEO of Coinsetter said, “Given the important role that Bitcoin ATMs will play in bringing cost-effective remittance and banking solutions to people around the globe, we are excited to provide operators with preferred access to our industry-leading bitcoin exchange technology through this partnership.”

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