The Casablanca Stock Exchange and Maroc PME sign a partnership agreement

The Casablanca Stock Exchange and Maroc PME, the National Agency for the Promotion of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, have signed a partnership agreement targeted at Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). This partnership aims to define a framework for joint action by the Casablanca Stock Exchange and Maroc PME to develop SME access to financing through the capital market.

In practice, the goal is to bring the two organizations’ individual efforts to develop SMEs into one common initiative, through an annual Action Plan and by monitoring and evaluating measures to support SMEs as they open up their capital and share information, experience and know-how.

This agreement rests on 3 main pillars:

  • promoting financing through capital markets by organising information and awareness-raising sessions;
  • incentives to adopt strategies for financing through capital markets;
  • investment advice by mobilising, training and drawing a list of investment advisers from relevant actors.

Mr Karim Hajji, CEO of the Casablanca Stock Exchange, commented on this partnership:

We are delighted to carry out our actions for SMEs in partnership with an organization that is dedicated specifically to such businesses. Pooling our efforts will help to move more effectively toward our goal to contribute to the emergence of a fabric of strong and lasting SMEs, which perfectly matches Morocco’s ambitions as it grows into a regional financial hub.

Mr Larbi Benrazzouk, CEO of Maroc PME, declared that this partnership with the Casablanca Stock Exchange speaks to the crucial importance that Maroc PME attaches to connecting capital market actors, so as to facilitate businesses’ access to financing. This process will help companies to scale up and become more international.

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