The appliance of computer science! cAlgo integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio

Spotware Systems, developers of the spot FX trading platform cTrader, today announced new integration of its algorithmic trading platform cAlgo, with Visual Studio.

cAlgo is used to develop trading robots in C-sharp for round-the-clock automatic analysis and execution, and is also used to create custom technical analysis indicators. Visual Studio and cAlgo integration means developers can now take advantage of Visual Studio’s many convenient features, and can apply changes directly to cAlgo from Visual Studio.

Ilya Holeu, Head of Sales at Spotware, says, “This new update will go a long way towards faster, more efficient and more intelligent coding of robots and indicators. This just opens up a world of possibilities for developers and users of our software.”

cAlgo Product Manager, Sergey Borisov, is confident of the positive effect the integration will have on users of the product: “This release is really going to speed things up for our coders and ensure maximum efficiency, minimal errors, and excellent coding capabilities,” says Borisov. “We’ve worked hard to provide a good editor in the cAlgo platform, but Microsoft Visual Studio is the number one tool for developers of .NET languages today, and the power of some of its functionality is unparalleled. We really hope this will take what’s possible on cAlgo to the next level.




Visual Studio’s code-editor features include:

Snippets: Blocks of reusable code that can be quickly inserted by developers when and where

IntelliSense: Helps users significantly speed up the coding process by providing quickly accessible
auto-complete functionality for repetitive statements.

Collapsible code sections: Improves efficiency by helping developers organize and manage chunks of

Spotware is also encouraging users to take advantage of Visual Studio’s advanced debugging tools, such as:

Data tips: Hovering over a variable in the source-editor window reveals its value.

Variable Windows: Allow users to view, evaluate and edit variables on the fly. Variable Windows
include ‘Locals’, ‘Autos’, ‘Watch’ and ‘QuickWatch’.

Advanced Breakpoints: Lets users break debugger execution based on Hit Counts, Call-Stack functions
and Conditions.

Call Stack and Code Map: Users can visually trace the call-stack whilst debugging.

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