Takeprofit Technology launches EasyMAM tool for MT4 brokers

MT4 solutions provider Takeprofit Technology has released multi-account management solution called EasyMAM.

Takeprofit’s EasyMAM tool lets brokers organize mini ‘hedge funds’ in their MT4, where investors place their funds for a certain period of time in order to grow it through the successful trading of experienced money managers. These money managers trade and earn fees for making profits.

These MT4 ‘hedge funds’ can be managed by EasyMAM, where any operations can be done in two to three clicks.

There are a few main differences between EasyMAM and other MAM solutions. First, EasyMAM is a manager API-based application — not a plugin. Also, it has a simple graphical user interface and guarantees absolute accuracy in calculation, with no balance corrections.

More on Takeprofit’s EasyMAM can be seen here.

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