Taiwan Futures Exchange sets RMB futures launch date for July 20th

After months and weeks of preparation to clear regulatory hurdles, the Taiwan Futures Exchange finally announced today in an official notice that RMB futures will launch on Monday, July 20th. You can read the official notice below:

The USD/CNT FX futures(RTF) and USD/CNH FX futures(RHF) will be launched on July 20th. The position limits of RTF and RHF are 1,000 lots for individual investors, 3,000 lots for institution investors, and 9,000 lots for proprietary traders/market makers respectively. The protection range of market with protection order of RTF and RHF are ±0.1% (for single orders )and ±0.05% (for time spread orders) of previous settlement price on the nearest month contract(If previous day is last trading day,it would use settlement price on the second nearest month contract).


Established in 1997, TAIFEX has committed to the development of Taiwan’s futures market. In fact, our corporate mandate is to invigorate futures trading while serving the real economy. TAIFEX keeps abreast with the trendy development of global markets, and maintains a fully-fledged platform of its trading, clearing and market oversight functions. To create effective mechanisms for trading and clearing of derivative products, TAIFEX has been sparing no efforts in upgrading its facilities, streamlining its practices as well as stimulating trading activities in Taiwan, enabling our market to fulfill its hedging and price discovery functions and achieve its mandate to serve the real economy.

To read the official notice from TAIFEX, click here.


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