TAIFEX sees trading volumes rise 20.7% MoM in January 2016

Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX) has just published its operating metrics for January 2016, with total trading volumes showing a marked rise in both monthly and annual terms.

Overall trading volumes at the Exchange amounted to 28,001,613 contracts in January 2016, up 20.7% from December 2015 levels and up 34.5% from January 2015 levels.

As usual, we pay special attention to the RMB FX futures, which TAIFEX launched in July 2015.

  • In January, the monthly trading volumes of USD/CNH FX Futures (RHF) amounted to 11,003 contracts, up 17.3% from the reading of 9,381 contracts registered in December 2015.
  • The monthly trading volumes of USD/CNT FX Futures (RTF), however, amounted to 72,202 contracts, down 9.2% from the result of 79,555 contracts registered in December 2015.

You can view the full monthly report by clicking here.

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