Switzerland’s regulator adds Golden Bridge FX to Warning List

Just a couple of days after Switzerland’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) alerted investors about FX firm Lion Fund, the regulator adds one more Forex broker to its Warning List.

The latest addition to the list is Golden Bridge FX, operating via https://gb-fx.com. The broker targets English-speaking and Arabic-speaking clients, offering them various Forex trading services.

The company is stating that it has the following address in Switzerland: Chemin des mines 2, 1202 Genève.

The fact that Golden Bridge FX is included in FINMA’s Warning List means that the company might be operating without a licence although its service need authorization and should be overseen by the Swiss watchdog. When FINMA gets information about an investment services provider operating without authorization, it commences investigation into the matter. If the initial suspicions are confirmed, FINMA can launch enforcement proceedings and impose various measures, including closing a company down.


You can view the warning from FINMA by clicking here.

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