Swiss FINMA adds Sony Online Investment to warning list

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has been very active in updating its Warning List, which includes the names of companies that provide investment services in Switzerland or say they are registered there but FINMA is investigating them for operating without authorization.

The new addition to the warning list has a rather “loud” name – Sony Online Investment, and offers its services via

In the face of the resemblance of the name with that of one of the most popular companies for consumer electronics, Sony Online Investment is obviously focused on financials. The firm promises artificially high returns to its clients, bearing the signs of a high-yield investment program (hyip).

FINMA notes that the company gives an address in Switzerland but is not registered in the Commercial Register.

If initial suspicions are confirmed, FINMA can initiate enforcement proceedings and impose various measures, including closing the company down.

To view the full warning list, click here.

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