Survey: 5% of France’s residents are investment fraud victims

France’s financial markets regulator AMF has just published the results of a survey conducted by the CSA institute, with the findings showing increased interest into Forex and binary options, as well as a decent percentage of investors becoming targets and victims of fraudulent investment schemes.

The pool of respondents includes 1,003 French residents, of at least 18 years of age. (Have in mind that the survey was done amid the general population and not only amid active traders or people from the finance industry).

The survey, conducted online in November 2015, showed that 62% of the respondents are informed of investments offered by non-bank institutions. At least 22% of the total know of the Forex and/or binary options markets.

A total of 9% have already invested in these markets.

Amid all of the respondents, 5% have already been a victim of an investment fraud. This means that they did not get the profit pledged, could not withdraw their funds or at some point lost contact with their investment services provider.

Most commonly, the loss due to an investment fraud is below EUR 1,000, the survey shows. For more details on this topic, check out the chart below.


AMF notes that in 2015 its Info Service registered an almost 30% jump in the number of calls concerning Forex and binary options firms. These calls accounted for 41% of the total enquiries received via the platform.

You can find out more about the survey by clicking here.

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