Suite’s ALibV3.0 powers Orchestrade Financial Systems front-to-back at large hedge fund

Suite LLC, provider of the ALib™ financial analytic library for pricing and risk management of credit and rates derivatives, has partnered with Orchestrade Financial Systems to offer an integrated cross-asset platform addressing today’s front, middle and back-office challenges. The combined Orchestrade/ALibV3.0 solution is now in production at a growing NY-based macro/fixed-income fund with approximate AUM of $5 Billion. The system has been implemented broadly throughout the fund for real-time pricing & risk-management, operations, compliance and financial reporting.

The Orchestrade platform serves as a central “books-and-records” repository with expansive capabilities for high-performance pricing and risk functions. Adapters are pre-configured for efficient interaction with trading venues, clearing platforms, administrators and market-data providers.

The integration of Suite LLC’s ALibV3.0 analytic library with Orchestrade’s controlled framework provides sophisticated curve modeling for reliable pricing of domestic and foreign assets, even in fragmented markets where traditional benchmark instruments and pricing methodologies have become unreliable.

With proven support for bonds, listed instruments, credit-derivatives, FX and OTC derivatives; MTM and attribution reporting is done on an aggregate basis, yet drill-down capabilities offer transparency to the individual cash-flow level.

“Orchestrade’s innovative cross-asset platform, now powered by comprehensive and proven ALibV3.0 analytics, creates a unique opportunity for practitioners to implement robust firm-wide controls and processes while enjoying low ongoing costs of ownership. The OT/ALib integration has resulted in a rapidly-deployable solution that’s easy to learn and operate by end-users with any level of experience or area of expertise. By leveraging one dataset and consistent analytics throughout the organization, the need for a multitude of disparate systems serving varied business groups and requiring numerous reconciliations has subsided, along with the risks and inefficiencies that go along with that old paradigm” states Dr. Gene Schupak, Partner and head of quantitative research at Suite LLC.

“Partnering with Suite LLC and integrating their sophisticated pricing analytics has enabled us to bring a pre-packaged solution to customers whose investment strategies require support for instruments and functionality that fall beyond the scope of plain vanilla. Migrating to the composite product is also a beneficial option for existing OT customers that wish to broaden their investment strategy without rebuilding their technology infrastructure”, states Guillaume Aubert, Managing Partner at Orchestrade.

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