Spotware Systems Introduces ‘Fair Stop Out’ Feature to cTrader

The cTrader FX and CFDs platform suite has received a major update to its stop-out policy, with developer Spotware Systems introducing a new methodology that prioritizes freeing up margin over position profit and loss.

The purpose behind the switch is to allow traders to incur fewer losses and extend their stop out levels as each position is closed.

Alexander Strelnikov, a Product Manager at Spotware, explained: “cTrader’s new stop-out method protects trader margins and increases the lifespan of a trader’s balance. The rudimentary process used by some other outdated platforms is to liquidate positions once stop-out levels are reached starting with the most unprofitable position. Unfortunately this method works against traders when they are at risk of having their balance wiped out.

Our new stop-out algorithm closes positions in descending order of margin used, so that as each position is closed, traders have a better chance at securing what they can from their remaining deals. Stop-outs are never a pleasant occurrence for the trader, but the least we can do is ensure they have maximum chances of recovery.”

The new policy strengthens cTrader’s claims as the platform that places a priority on the requirements of the trader, as per its brand name TRADERS FIRST, and follows other trader-protective features such as full position breakdowns, and advanced stop loss and take profit options.

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