Social trading platform TradeSocio partners with CQG’s Continuum for market data and trade execution

Continuum, CQG’s enterprise API division, has announced a partnership with TradeSocio, a provider of marketing software for brokers. Continuum provides market data and trade execution capabilities to the TradeSocio platform through its flagship API, Continuum Connect.

TradeSocio’s cloud-based social trading platform for the forex and futures markets links traders across a network to empower them to make smarter trades through sophisticated tools and information sharing. With professional trading migrating away from traditional models, TradeSocio is redefining how traders interact, analyze market data and trade history, and implement trades.

TradeSocio screenshot

“Social trading continues to expand, and our relationship with TradeSocio enables us to remain at the forefront of this trend,” said Mike Glista, Vice President of Continuum, CQG’s enterprise division. “TradeSocio’s sophisticated and innovative application allows traders to share complex order-entry algos and market information.”

The partnership utilizes Continuum’s DirectFX connection, which provides traders access to low-latency market data and order routing.

Rohan Hall, Founder and CEO of TradeSocio, had the following to say:

At TradeSocio, we’ve worked hard to build a platform that’s as valuable to traders as it is to brokers. We’re excited to be working with CQG and empowering their brokerage clients with insightful analytics, while also offering their traders access to exciting features like trading competitions, copy trading, and social networking with other traders.

You can read more about the Continuum-TradeSocio hookup here.

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