Colt launches FX liquidity access service connecting London, New York And Tokyo markets

Colt today announces the availability of its FX Liquidity Access service, connecting market participants to the London, New York and Tokyo FX markets. The service – which includes low latency connectivity and proximity hosting – simplifies access to the global FX markets, enabling customers to access single and multi-bank platforms 24×7.

“As customers increasingly look to exploit opportunities in new geographical markets and asset classes, the focus of a wider group of participants has turned to the global Foreign Exchange market, explains Naz Dossa, VP Capital Markets, Colt. “Market participants are always looking for faster speeds and increased efficiency in their trading activities to execute better than their competitors. Low latency and global solutions are becoming key for banks looking to provide competitive spreads to their clients.”

Colt has provided access to the London market, the largest FX trading hub in the world, since 2011. The expansion of Colt’s services to include both New York and Tokyo allows customers to host their pricing engines closer to the single and multi-bank platforms providing the ability to take advantage of FX opportunities quickly and easily. The service ranges from simple connectivity in one market to a fully managed FX liquidity access solution that connects all three FX liquidity centres. The service leverages Equinix’s International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centres in London (LD4), New York (NY4) and Tokyo (TY3) and includes Colt’s managed IT services. Backed up with a comprehensive SLA, this new Colt service simplifies service delivery for IT staff supporting eFX trading desks around the globe.

Naz Dossa continues “Today’s announcement demonstrates Colt’s ability to keep our clients ahead of the competition by putting them where they need to be strategically to take advantage of the increasing electronification of the FX market. The addition of this global FX capability also delivers economies of scale as clients do not have to engage multiple vendors for their global activities, leaving them to concentrate resource on trading strategies.”

“As Equinix’s foreign exchange trading ecosystem continues to grow, we’re seeing more firms taking advantage of global opportunities and deploying across multiple regions” states Stewart Orrell, Managing director of global financial services at Equinix. “By launching its new service inside our data centres, Colt Capital Markets is providing a valuable new service to more than 800 buy and sell side organizations, trading venues and services providers.”

This announcement follows the recent creation of a focused Capital Markets team within Colt. Colt Capital Markets builds on Colt’s extensive network and data centre infrastructure and expertise, and MarketPrizm’s ultra-low latency market data and infrastructure solutions. It provides the agile infrastructures that customers need to keep up with the pace of change in this marketplace.

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