Securities Commission Malaysia to restitute victims of illegal futures and equity trading

sec fraud

Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) has initiated a restitution process involving an illegal futures and equity trading scheme and calls upon members of the public to file their notice of claims before 5pm on 25 November 2016.

The restitution process was initiated following administrative sanctions imposed against Kahar Mohd Tahir, who was found to have carried out fund management activity without a licence. Two other individuals, Afkariah Md Norani and Gurdeep Kaur a/p Nathi Singh, were found to have abetted Kahar in the unlicensed activity.

As at 30 September 2016, approximately RM680,677 in Kahar’s account has been secured for the purposes of restitution to eligible investors.

Investigation by SC has found that these three individuals had illegally solicited monies from the public between July and December 2015, purportedly to invest in a futures and equity trading scheme.

Investors who had invested in a futures and equity trading scheme with Kahar, Afkariah or Gurdeep between July and December 2015 are urged to submit their claims, together with necessary proof of investment, to SC before 5pm on 25 November 2016. The claim form and more details on the matter can be found on SC’s website at

Upon receipt of the relevant claims, SC will determine a rate of restitution based on the available funds, total number of claimants and the sums that are proved to have been invested at the material point of time.

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