Santander GBM Executive Marco Pelizzoli Promoted To Global Head of FX Trading

FX industry senior executive Marco Pelizzoli to head FX division of European banking conglomerate as next step in 25-year career

European banking corporation Santander GBM last week appointed its former Global Head of e-Commerce Marco Pelizzoli to the position of Global Head of FX Trading.

Mr. Pelizzoli joined Santander GBM in 2009 after a four-year period during which he held an executive position at Bank of America in the capacity of Global co-Head of GRCC e-Solutions, GRCC being an acronym for Global Rates, Currencies and Commodities which was restrucutured in 2007 in order to endeavor to increase revenues and manage trading risk.

In terms of industry experience among the very upper echelons of the world’s major FX industry heavyweights, Mr. Pelizzoli joined Deutsche Bank in a Directorship position as the 1990s drew to a close, spending five years with the bank, whose FX order flow represents one of the very largest in the entire institutional FX business.

Mr. Pelizzoli’s first senior position came in 1992, when he joined the now-defunct FX hedge fund FX Concepts as Vice President after three years as a trader at Manufacturers Hanover Trust. At FX Concepts, he enjoyed a seven year tenure.

FX Concepts was founded by John R Taylor and was in business for thirty two years prior to its demise in 2013. During Mr. Peliozzi’s term with the fund, it was the largest FX hedge fund in North America, with institutional mandates including state employee retirement funds for many public sector departments across the United States.

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