RoboForex opens representative office in China’s Dalian

Retail Forex broker RoboForex, via its brand RoboTrade Ltd, has opened a representative office in China’s Dalian.

The company notes in its announcement that its presence in the region is very important for its business as it strengthens the company-client ties. The representative office in China provides the broker with an opportunity to create a direct communication channel with traders, investors, and partners in this region, allowing it to learn more about their interests and needs.

The Chinese office has the following address: Address: Zhongshan district, Dagong st. no.13, Tower 2, Unit 2 40-1, Dalian, China.

Clients can get advice on the company’s services and help to open an account. The staff is ready to assist FX market newbies too.

Qi Dali, RoboForex’s Project Manager for China, comments,

“Our cozy office is located in a beautiful waterside city of Dalian. The Chinese office staff are professionally experienced and ready to solve any problem the client has using affirmative and flexible approach”.

You can view the announcement about the new office by clicking here.

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