RoboForex changes trading conditions for RAMM accounts

Retail Forex broker RoboForex has unveiled a set of changes to the trading conditions for RAMM (risk allocation management model) accounts.

For starters, the Stop & Limit levels have been completely cancelled, meaning that traders can place pending orders as close to the current market prices as their trading strategy requires.

The company is also implementing changes to the list of the trading instruments. Effective May 23, 2016, USD/ZAR (US dollar vs South African rand) will be no longer supported and available for trading. The good piece of news is that the broker is adding more currency pairs to its offering. You can view the new additions in the table below:


Alike PAMM accounts, RAMM accounts enable investors to invest in trading strategies, with a strategy copied in full and the execution prices being the same for traders and their investors. With RAMM accounts, however, an investor’s exit from a strategy is done instantaneously and does not influence other investors. Risk control is embedded in the trading and does not allow the trader to exceed the weekly loss limits.

For the full announcement from RoboForex, click here.

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