Reuters Video Archive to be made available through Reuters Media Express

Reuters has announced that Reuters Video Archive is now available direct from Reuters through Reuters Media Express, the premier platform that delivers thousands of multimedia stories per day to over 3,000 publishers in broadcast, digital and print.

Reuters Video Archive is one of the most comprehensive collections of international news stories that have shaped the world we live in today. Featuring world events spanning three centuries – from 1896 to the present day – Reuters Video Archive will now provide online access to the most compelling and highly acclaimed global video footage ever captured.

From World War One to the 9/11 attacks, Lenin to Obama and Sarajevo to Gaza, Reuters Video Archive contains over a million news clips, covers a wide range of topics and events and offers Reuters clients a complete solution: all content is rights cleared for editorial use, providing the freedom to publish across multiple platforms. Reuters Media Express provides easy online search and download functionality and instant, direct access to this high-quality material.

The availability of Reuters Video Archive on Reuters Media Express is the culmination of a three year programme to digitise the entire Reuters Video Archive, making it available for immediate, on demand download.

Ashley Byford-Bates, Global Head of Product Strategy and Planning for Reuters, said:

We are seeing increasing demand for this highly valuable content from broadcasters. The digitisation of the Reuters Video Archive and its addition to Reuters Media Express means that our clients will no longer have to search other platforms: our entire collection of archive content is now available in one place on the platform our customers use every day.”

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