QT Info Systems adds options functionality with CityTrader from OptionsCity

OptionsCity Software, a global provider of electronic trading solutions for professional futures and options traders, today announced that QT Info Systems, a Chicago-based market data vendor, is integrating CityTrader into its premium QT Market Center Pro front-end to help meet customer demand for advanced options functionality.

Daniel Rooney
VP Global Sales at OptionsCity Software

Daniel Rooney, Head of Global Sales for OptionsCity said:

Our CityTrader platform along with the City API are proving to be very flexible in meeting demands of individual traders, retail brokerages, exchanges, clearing firms, introducing brokers, and technology providers. We expect the use cases for our HTML5, REST-based City API to continue to grow over the coming years.

Tom Muellner, Head of Technology at QT Info Systems said:

The CityTrader platform gave us the flexibility to offer futures and options functionality to our clients while maintaining all the other features of QT Market Center Pro including news, data and messaging. As our clients become more sophisticated with their trading requirements, options functionality including RFQs and spread-building is critical to their trading. By partnering with OptionsCity, we are able to offer a more complete solution and scale it in a way that makes sense for our growing customer base.

OptionsCity launched City API and CityTrader in 2015 and have seen successful deployments at firms such as TradeStation and Vault Dairy. In addition, OptionsCity recently integrated execution services within the Thomson Reuters Eikon platform.

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