PR advisory firm Chatsworth Communications lands ParFX and CLS as new clients

Chatsworth quickly becoming PR firm of choice in the forex industry – other clients include FXCM, FX MarketFactory, and FX options specialists SD


PR Week reports that London based PR agency Chatsworth Communications has managed to successfully acquire some new clients from the FX industry. The latest additions to the company’s already impressive roaster of clients from the forex field includes trading platform provider ParFx owned by Tradition and CLS Bank, that manages FX transactions and has recently raised £160 million in capital to get up to speed with new global financial regulations.

The agency’s CEO Nick Murray-Lesley has stated that the forex industry is about to come under some scrutiny in the coming months and companies are getting a big opportunity to differentiate themselves from the bulk of the industry by committing to a fair and orderly FX marketplace. We are strongly convinced that he is referring to the eventual consequences from the ongoing London FX fix manipulation investigation.

The company already is handling PR for some key members of the industry like FXCM, aggregator FX MarketFactory and forex options specialists SD. Chatsworth Communications sports a highly qualified advisors team including financial technology guru Larry Tabb and product development specialist Udi Sela.

For the full report go to PR Week’s website.

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