Panda TS creates 7-Day trading week by adding Tradable prices of OTC assets to feed

Specialist FX technology provider Panda Trading Technologies (Panda TS) the leading financial trading technology company announced today that they will be adding a new real-time data feed to the company’s high-performance FX & CFD feed services. This new feed will stream tradable prices of OTC assets for FX and Gold over the weekend.

This new offering is currently available to brokers using the company’s feed or binary options platform POLARIO. To date, the only asset offered over the weekend was Bitcoin (BTC) and select stock
CFDs in the Middle East only. With the addition of OTC assets, Panda TS raises the bar by creating a seven-day trading week, paving the way for a truly nonstop market. To start, the feed will include selected FX pairs and gold CFD, allowing brokers to offer 24/7 trading access to their customers.

Panda TS has a strong history of being among the first to market many leading technologies including connecting the MT4 to a web trading interface, developing a shared wallet for binary options, and more. To offer this service, the company has partnered with two Asia-based institutional dark pools that will be providing liquidity over the weekend to MT4 brokers. As a second stage, Panda TS is working to further assist FX & CFD brokers in integrating and hedging their trading risks for better trading conditions while hedging a weekend-long OTC trading flow.

Commenting on the announcement, Panda TS Co-Founder and COO Maor Lahav says, “We’re excited to announce yet another ‘first’ to the market with 24/7 trading on FX and Gold. Our continual focus is on supporting our clients by providing the highest quality tools they need to increase conversions, boost trading volume and strengthen their brand equity.”

In addition to this new service, the company has confirmed that whilst it is commencing the facility with select FX pairs, it will continue to release more assets for weekend trading in the near future.

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