Oxford Dictionaries adds ‘algorithmic trading’ as official entry

If some say algorithmic trading hasn’t arrived to the mainstream yet, it is now official as Oxford Dictionaries adds the term to it’s most recent entry list. This was not the only finance related term the popular dictionary will add to it’s most recent quarterly update, ‘crony capitalism‘ is among the 1,000 new words to be added to oxforddictionaries.com, the free online dictionary, in its largest quarterly update so far.

The news release states that finance and business have contributed several more entries along with the now popular ‘algorithmic trading’ (automated asset trading by computers). These terms include, ‘challenger bank’ (a relatively small retail bank competing with big lenders); ‘misery index’ (an informal measure of an economy generated by adding together its rates of inflation and unemployment); and ‘network marketing’ (another term for pyramid selling).

Some popular recent news on LeapRate concerning algorithmic trading include:

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