ORE spearheads integrated FX options on MetaTrader 4

British developer of trading platforms ORE has embarked on a campaign to become a dominant force in the expanding options trading market with the launch of the first ever native solution to offer vanilla options on MetaTrader 4.

ORE’s Bridge allows brokers to give their clients access to FX options. It enables them to trade options from the Market Watch alongside other instruments in the MetaTrader 4 platform, such as spot and futures.

Trading in options has grown exponentially in recent years according to ORE. In quarter three of 2014, FX options providers reported an unprecedented 50 percent plus month-on-month volume growth. In the global markets, FX options volume equates to 15 percent of spot FX.

ORE’s perspective is that predictions that the retail options market could grow from $2 billion up to $27 billion in daily volumes within the next few years are not so far-fetched with many brokers reporting over 10 percent of trading revenue comes from options.

Using ORE’s Options Bridge, brokers which offer their clients th MetaTrader 4 platform can reach new and untapped market participants. As well as increased access to a wide range of effective products for hedging and speculating, investors are drawn to both growing liquidity and the opportunity to trade the market in new ways, using option strategies. ORE’s solution has been proven to boost broker trading volumes and revenues (by over 15 percent), as well as increase client lifetime value, without increasing cost per acquisition.

Zoe Fiddes, Head of Sales at ORE, said: “ORE’s philosophy is simple: create a great product and traders will use it. We focus on making options trading simple and accessible. Our customers share our vision and our team works closely with them to improve our product every day.”

“Last year, we launched optionsReasy, a web-based platform that caters for traders of all levels and fully supports education. Now, we have launched a ground breaking solution for MT4, reaching out to a whole new marketplace. Our new offering allows brokers to give their clients access to options trading, one of the fastest growing markets” concluded Ms. Fiddes.

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