OptionsCity’s CityTrader becomes available to Optimus Futures clients

Provider of futures and options trading and analytics solutions OptionsCity Software has announced another partnership regarding its CityTrader platform. Shortly after the cloud-based futures and options trading platform became available to DAW Trading clients, Optimus Futures announced that it will support the solution.

Thanks to CityTrader, active traders can make use of robust tools and functionality to trade both futures and options on futures.

The platform was created to provide options on futures functionality as a core aspect, capitalizing on OptionsCity’s experience with professional traders and market makers. With CityTrader, Optimus Futures clients will find it easy to custom build futures and options spreads or request quotes directly from global exchanges.

options-trading-softwareIqbal Brainch, vice president of marketing and product strategy at OptionsCity, says,

“In December 2015, the CME Group reported 7.2 percent year-over-year growth in options on futures, well above the 1.5 percent growth in standard futures contracts. While that growth is led by professionals, brokers are starting to see interest in trading options on futures grow from active, retail traders, just as the use of equity options accelerated in the early 2000s.”

Matt Zimberg, president of Optimus Futures, says,

“Clients choose Optimus Futures not just for our transparent pricing and high-touch personal support, but for easy access to advanced technology offerings. That means we rigorously test and become ingratiated in new technology platforms before supporting them. We were not only impressed with what new functionality CityTrader could offer our clients, but the ease at which it can be integrated with our clearing partners.”

You can view the announcement on the collaboration by clicking here.

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