OANDA releases updated fxTrade mobile app for Android devices

OANDA Corporation, a global provider of Forex and CFD trading services, today released an updated version of its fxTrade mobile application for Android devices.

The enhancements seek to improve the overall trading experience, with the bulk of them focusing on simplifying navigation and work with charts.

The list of enhancements includes:

  • Tap current price arrow on chart to place a trade;
  • Tap anywhere else in the price axis to place a limit order;
  • Header bar shows NAV;
  • Smaller time period buttons;
  • Remember last selected account;
  • Forward/back buttons in news;
  • Auto-fill current price when creating price alerts.

There is also a set of fixes:

  • The app only logs in when it needs to;
  • Trade Default values update as you enter the quote price for limit orders;
  • More precision on order info in orders list;
  • Show positive/negative PL in activity.


The latest update is rolled out less than a month after the preceding update, which also enhanced navigation and offered easier access to full screen charts.

You can find out more about the updated app by clicking here.

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