OANDA makes its Forex data available directly to NetSuite customers

After recently unveiling a partnership with Kenandy, OANDA announces another collaboration in the FX rates area.

OANDA announces today that it has teamed up with NetSuite, a cloud-based provider of integrated ERP and related business management technologies, in a move that will grant NetSuite users direct access to OANDA’s currency information via a new application.

Users of NetSuite’s platform now have the ability to install the OANDA bundle through SuiteApp.com and use it in conjunction with the OANDA REST API key. Inputting the API key into the OANDA bundle will provide users with access to OANDA’s Forex rates data.

Before the partnership, NetSuite customers had to access OANDA rates manually via OANDA’s website. Now, they will be able to retrieve rate information directly from the NetSuite platform.

Natasha Lala, Managing Director of OANDA Solutions for Business, says,

“Our aim is to provide the NetSuite community, which includes international companies of all types and sizes, with universal, streamlined access to the highest quality FX information. The deeper collaboration underscores our commitment to enabling IT, finance and product professionals to automate their rates and have confidence in their numbers.”

OANDA is a BFN-approved provider (Built for NetSuite), a program that offers SDN partners principles and guidelines for developing SuiteApps in accordance with industry and NetSuite design best practices. NetSuite customers can request their API Key by contacting OANDA at [email protected] or through the SuiteApp portal at suiteapp.com/OANDA-FX-Data-Feed-for-NetSuite.

You can view the official announcement by clicking here.

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