NFA suspends CTA Jonathan Parker from membership

National Futures Association (NFA) announced today that it had taken an emergency enforcement action against Jonathan Parker, a commodity trading advisor (CTA) registered as an NFA Member.

The Association says in its announcement that the measures have been taken to protect Parker’s customers as NFA believes that he has been operating as an unregistered commodity pool operator (CPO). In addition, Parker has not submitted the necessary books and records and has failed to cooperate with NFA.

As a result of Parker’s failure to cooperate, NFA cannot determine what he did with the approximately $400,000 that he claims to have collected from pool participants. The body also does not know how many pool participants exist, and how much Parker collected in total.

The action taken against Parker includes his suspension from NFA membership and banning him from disbursing or transferring any customer funds without NFA’s prior approval.

The action will remain in effect until Parker demonstrates that he complies with all NFA requirements. He is allowed to request a hearing before NFA’s Hearing Committee.

To view the official announcement by NFA, click here.

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