New MT5 app for Android devices enhances security, market analysis capabilities

Forex technology provider MetaQuotes Software has earlier today announced the release of the latest upgrade (build 1164) of the MetaTrader 5 Android mobile application.

Traders who use technical analysis will probably appreciate the enhancements in the latest build, as it adds new analytical objects that can be applied both to chart and indicator windows.

The new 24 analytical objects have been added to the already existing 30 indicators. Lines, channels, Elliott waves, Gann and Fibonacci tools, as well as geometric shapes are at the disposal of users of the updated app.

Another MetaTrader 5 Android innovation is the OTP (One-Time Password) system. The two-factor authentication provides an extra level of security to traders’ accounts. Now, a verification code is required in addition to login and password when logging in to a desktop or tablet terminal. The code is generated on one’s smartphone via the MetaTrader 5 Android application.

The generated code is tied to a particular device and changes every 30 seconds, so that no one can access traders’ accounts.


To view the official press release by MetaQuotes on the latest build of MetaTrader 5 Android, click here.

To download the updated application, click here.

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